Susan Ketchen, Author
Born That Way (Oolichan,2009)
Made That Way (Oolichan,2010)
Nell Walton, Author
The Bone Trail (2010)
Nancy A. Kaiser, Animal Communicator
Author: Letting Go
Author: Tales of an Animal Communicator ~ Master Teachers
Cynthia D'Errico, Author
Ground Manners (Xlibris, 2011)
Jenny Rolfe, International Trainer and Author,
Ride From the Heart DVD (Cracking Media, 2010)
Breathe Life Into Your Riding (2012)
Kelly Preston, Dog Rescue and Author,
Real Dogs Don't Whisper (2011)
Deborah Barnes, Author,
The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey (ZZP Publishing, 2011)
Denise Lee Branco, Author,
Horse at the Corner Post: Our Divine Journey
(Strolling Hills Publishing, 2010)
Cavallo Horse and Rider
Betsy Kelleher, Author,
Mares! (Ya Gotta Love 'em)
Sometimes a Woman Needs a Horse
Carole Devereux, Animal Communicator and Author,
Spirit of the Horse, The New Myths of Equus (Windhorse, 2010)
Madeleine Walker, Animal Communicator and Author
An Exchange of Love (O Books, 2008)
The Whale Whisperer (Findhorn, 2011)
Mara Legrand, Producer and Film Maker,
Wild Horses in Winds of Change (2010)
 Randi Thompson ~ Founder, How to Market Your Horse Business
and Horse and Rider Awareness
Yvette Eastman, Founder Pawspoint Reflexology for Animals
Author of Numerous Books on Reflexology and Touch for Health
Sharon Kay Roberts, Author,
Olympic Gold for Cat and Toby
Ellen Frank, Disability Consultant and Author,
Sticks and Wheels: A Guide to Accessible Travel on the Sunshine Coast
Taking the Reins (2011)
Michael Maser, Award Winning Educator and Author,
Learn Your Way: Self Designing the Life You Really Want
Starting Now (2011)
Pamela Proctor, Retired Teacher and Author,
Honouring the Child: Changing Ways of Teaching
Carol Ann Munro, Transformational Joy Coach and Author
Liz Mitten-Ryan, Artist, Equine Communicator, Author,
Creator of Equinisity and Natural Horse Friendship Programs
Mary Benson and Hedy Strauss, Authors
Blue Mountain Rider
Judith Onley, Gifted Intuitive, Author and Energy Practitioner
Natasha Rosewood, Psychic, Radio Host and Author,
Aaagh! I Think I'm Psychic and You Can Be Too!
David Roche, Speaker, Performer and Author,
The Church of 100% Sincerity (Penguin,2008)
Charlene Sanjenko, Founder of CSJ Wellness and Motivational Speaker
Marta Williams, Animal Communicator and Author







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